Xolo Era 2X Full Review And Opinion

Xolo Era 2X Full Review And Opinion

XOLO Era 2X has plastic body everywhere. Phone is simple to suit in hands and its matt end at the rear makes it even comfy to carry and skips the slippery ends. though the plastic quality is up to it mark and doesn’t look that solid. Phone is average in size that extremely makes it usable with one hand. together with camera and flash, back of the phone has a addition of finger print sensing element.



XOLO Era 2X (2GB) (Black and Gun, 16 GB)

With IPS HD 5 in. display and a resolution of 720 x 1280p, colours were quite okay on XOLO Era 2X. you’ll scroll right down to the camera summary for a lot of info on color handling on the device.


Camera summary

XOLO Era 2X (2GB) (Black and Gun, 16 GB)

XOLO Era 2X features a primary camera of 8 MP and 5 MP secondary. i took lots of shots exploitation each cameras altogether the sunshine conditions. Talking regarding the rear one, outside photos clad to be balanced.

Pictures taken in flow of the day light-weight were well color balanced. Photos taken against the flow of daylight clad to be bit low on lights and colours, that was below what was expected. Talking regarding the unreal light pictures, camera was unstable and required a full resting hand to click nice image. i knowledgeable serious insulant while victimization the camera in artificial lights. Plus, image had plenty of noise in them. Low light pictures were as average because the alternative phones of this section.


Gaming summary

We played modern Combat 5 and that we knowledgeable quite an quality on the premise of graphics. Frame drops were visible where there was serious action on the screen and battery born unexpectedly by 8 May 1945 in ten minutes. Although, you may pick up performance in terms of medium paced graphic games like Dead Trigger 2. However, you’ll realize some lagging here furthermore, however the expertise would possibly end up to higher than what it’s on modern Combat 5.

XOLO Era 2X (2GB) (Black and Gun, 16 GB)


XOLO Era 2X may be a smart phone if i compare it with another phones during this section. There were heap things that you simply will confine mind nearly as good factors, which has a decent build quality, simple to handle; simple program, fingerprint sensor, dedicated memory card slot and far a lot of (consult the specification half above). you’ll purchase this phone to possess an honest performance. If you’ll take your budget a bit higher then you’ll additionally choose Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime.


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