Why The Ultra Thin Bezels Of Samsung Galaxy S8 Bode Ill

Why The Ultra Thin Bezels Of Samsung Galaxy S8 Bode Ill

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle followed by the recent ouster from the world’s prime smartphone vender position by Apple, all eyes were on Samsung’s next flagships – the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. it’s quite apparent that Samsung won’t leave any stone unturned in creating Galaxy S8 series an amazing hit. The recent leaks of the phone hint that it’ll be a engineering marvel, which can take the smartphone world by storm.


Why The ultra thin Bezels Of Samsung Galaxy S8 bode ill

However, i’m apprehensive concerning the radical overhaul of the look. If the leaks end up to be true, S8 and S8 plus might keep company with ultra-thin bezels on the edges and narrow bezels on the highest and also the bottom.

Before you get excited, we recommend you look another facet of the coin. With such skinny bezels, it’ll be prone to cracks even with little drops or impacts. although I assume Samsung builds this device with wonderful build material which will resist routine drops, it’ll however be liable to exhausting impacts.


Now, the repairability comes into the image. The overbound design won’t solely build it troublesome for repair however additionally demands skilled technicians. Samsung operates in several international markets wherever when sales service isn’t as refined as on its country of origin or US; it’s going to face a tricky time in those markets.


Pricing Of Display

If you’re still optimistic like I do, allow us to delve into the cost accounting section. The phone itself might carry a hefty tag. The screen replacement can sometimes value atleast 1/3 of the phone’s value, which is able to be a considerable quantity which will eat your pocket any day. as an example, the screen cost for Galaxy S7 Edge prices between Rs. 14,000 to Rs.16,000. Also, to switch the glass on the rear, they charge around Rs.3500. Xiaomi may need taken all the on top of caveats into thought before deciding to confine Xiaomi combine to its country of origin, China. However, as a school enthusiast, I welcome these engineering marvels from the businesses and additionally expect them to be ready for any repercussions. Please allow us to understand your opinion on the S8’s design leak within the comments section.