We Expect To See In Upcoming Swipe phone


We Expect To See In Upcoming Swipe phone

We have seen some good smartphones from Swipe mobile company earlier, a number of its example are Swipe Elite Max, Swipe Elite Star and Swipe Elite Plus and also the list goes on. Now, I got our hands on a number of the leaked photos and data for Swipe’s new smartphone.

Below was the six things I expect the new Swipe phone to be armed with.


Metal Unibody Look


We expect the new Swipe phone to possess a metal unibody Look, that is certainly an honest sign from the user’s perspective. Metal bodies were the trend currently. It offers your phone that elegant look and simple good looking your hand.


Better Display Panel

Display expectation is in 5.5 in. type, that is once more a factor to think about for lots of users. 5.5 in. Display is beneficial in terms of play and multimedia uses experiences however in terms of use a phone single hand, 5.0 or 5.2 in. Display panel was a lot of acceptable.


Qualcomm snapdragon Processor

Processor being the prime would like for a phone to own a decent run and performance, it’s continuously a user’s priority. Now, I expect the coming Swipe phone to arrive with Qualcomm snapdragon processor. Processor’s category isn’t however better-known, however it’s positively a thumbs up if it extremely shows up with a Qualcomm snapdragon processor.


Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor has become during all of the foremost desired options in a smartphone. we’ve got seen this feature coming from high-end flagship phones to mid-range phone and currently it’s creating its presence visible in cheap price phones also. I expect the new Swipe smartphone to possess a fingerprint device.


Big Battery

Battery is one in all the largest priorities. What else would a phone run its power with? the larger the battery the longer you’ll be able to use it. The new Swipe phone is expect has a much bigger battery i.e close to 4000 mAh approximately, that is certainly a decent factor for users to think about.



As per the higher than expected specifications, the phone looks to have a decent performance portfolio. However, I aren’t certain of the items that was extremely getting to be gift within the phone. I expect it to be priced below Rs. 10,000.


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