Top 6 Malicious Computer Viruses of All Time That Everyone Should Know

In today’s time, everyone uses computers from children and youngsters to adults. Computer has become an important part of our life. However, it faces constant destruction from viruses that can be a nightmare for the users. Computer virus is a self-replicating application that expands by making copies of itself by inserting into other programs or documents and severely affect the system.

A few viruses are mild in nature and can be removed by installing an antivirus program. While some are so dangerous that they can’t be removed by using an antivirus. They transmit through the Internet and infect PCs through corrupt web links and emails. Here are some malicious viruses that have the capacity to damage your computer system. So without further delay, let’s learn about them.



ILOVEYOU is a virus with a sweet name but causes nasty impacts on the users. This virus has disrupted the computer systems all across the globe. The governments and large companies to protect their systems from getting infected have to shut the mailing applications. It was estimated that around 10% of the world’s web-connected computers had been affected by ILOVEYOU virus.




Created by David L. Smith in 1999 ‘Melissa’ is named after an exotic dancer from Florida. This virus will replicate itself once activated through emails and send itself to the top 50 individuals from the recipient’s address book. It was one of the first viruses that got public attention and wreaked havoc on the networks of the government and private sector organisations.




MyDoom is said to be the most destructive virus ever occurred and was spread all over the Internet via emails with random addresses and subject lines. It infected around two million computers and the damage was estimated over 38 billion dollars.




The Sasser attacked computers through a Microsoft Windows vulnerability. Unlike any other virus, it didn’t spread via emails. Created by the German student Sven Jaschan this virus would scan random IP addresses to find victims. The overall damage was estimated at 18 billion dollars and infected more than a million PCs.


Storm Worm


This virus starts appearing in 2006 by sending emails to the users with a subject line “230 dead as storm batters Europe.” Storm Worm rapidly spread all over the Internet causing over 8% malware infections worldwide. It affected around 10 million PCs globally.


Code Red


Code Red was introduced in the year 2001 and targeted PCs with Microsoft Internet Information Server. The total estimated loss caused was over 2.5 billion dollars, and 2 million servers were affected.


We hope that after reading this blog, you might have become familiar with some of maleficent computer viruses that have the ability to cripple a computer system. In the past few decades, these viruses have caused a lot of damage by spreading quickly via downloads and emails. The loss of money was billions of dollars due to these notorious viruses. There are several good quality antivirus applications that can used to protect your PCs.