Sony Xperia 2017 Lineup Press Renders Leaked Ahead Of MWC

Sony Xperia 2017 Lineup Press Renders Leaked Ahead Of MWC

Right before all start with MWC 2017, the Sony Xperia lineup for 2017 has been leaked on-line. the most recent leak shows the press renders of the Xperia devices for this year, which has the Xperia XZ Premium. The Xperia XZ Premium are a high-end version of the flagship Xperia XZ for this year. consistent with early reports, the XZ Premium is alleged to come with a 4K resolution display panel.


Sony Xperia 2017 Lineup Press Renders

The leak, announce by @evleaks on Twitter, shows press renders of 4 Sony Xperia devices. whereas their individual names aren’t best-known nonetheless, one in every of the four devices is that the Xperia XZ Premium. it’s the third device within the on top of image. The fourth device might even be a high-end, flagship Xperia smartphone. the explanation for this being the little black circular rectangles, that house the laser auto focus, color spectrum sensor and also the flash.


The first 2 devices may well be cheaper, in all probability mid-range choices. They don’t have rectangular housing for laser auto focus and color spectrum sensor. They each feature one LED flash below the camera sensor. whereas this is often all being inferred from the leaked press renders, I can’t be fully certain regarding it yet.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

These press renders additionally appear a lot of legitimate than not due to a different leak, from a distinct supply. the primary leak from Xperia website shows the Xperia XZ Premium’s front and back, orienting absolutely well with the press pictures leaked by @evleaks. Sony continues to use its loop style with curved front and back. These phones additionally go together with twin front facing speakers, that ought to create lots of fans happy. The bezels stay somewhat of a difficulty, still. All in all, these pictures are firmly in line with Sony’s designing principles, therefore quite likely.