Simple Tricks That will Speed up Your Working on Computer

Simple Tricks That will Speed up Your Working on Computer



If you are somebody who spends a lot of time working on computer, then you should be aware of a few tips that help in reducing the amount of time to complete a work that is loaded on you. These tricks assist you save a considerable amount of time which you can invest in other activities later. So without further delay, let’s get started!





If you want to add ‘www.’ and ‘.com’ as suffix and prefix automatically, then all you’re needed to do is type the name of the website in your search box and hit Ctrl+Enter, and the rest will be done automatically.


Windows Key and U



Are you tired of carrying out a long process for shutting down your PC? If yes, then quickly hit the windows button and ‘U’ twice, and your system will shut down properly.





In case you did an undo to rectify your previous action, and it turns out to be correct, then instead of performing all of it again, just hit Ctrl+Y and an undo to your undo will be done!


“Godmode” Folder



To access every action of your system, just create a Godmode folder. And to do so, create a folder anywhere in your computer and rename it with the following name:
“GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” make sure you do not put the double quotations while naming it. This folder will serve as a great shortcut for you eventually.





If you are annoyed of emptying your recycle bin again and again, then just use Shift+Delete instead of simple delete, and your files will be deleted permanently. But the bad news is, if you did this by mistake, you would never be able to access that file again!


Left Alt+Left Shift



This one is for those who are involved in heavy typing and often hit the number keys while typing. If this seems familiar to you, then press Left Alt+Left Shift, and your system will make a beep sound next time you hit any number key.





Do you hate the autorun that pops up each time you insert a USB? If yes, then next time while inserting any USB device, hold the shift key, and you will be able to bypass the autorun without any hassle.


Alt+Print Screen



Use of just Print Screen takes the screenshot of the entire screen, but if you need to take a screenshot of the currently active window, then Alt+Print Screen will serve your purpose.



These are a few shortcuts that will surely help you complete all your computer-related tasks swiftly.