Old WhatsApp Status is Back In Latest Version Of Beta Build

Old WhatsApp Status is Back In Latest Version Of Beta Build

WhatsApp has restored the recent text-based user status in its latest beta testing version of its app. simply a couple of weeks past, the favored messaging application replaced those with a Snapchat like active statuses. Most of the regular users didn’t just like the new feature and were apparently irritated by it. WhatsApp seems to possess taken a note of this and is getting ready to reincarnate the text-based status.


How To RollBack Old WhatsApp Status Feature

Even though the recent text and emoji primarily based statuses were back, the new status tab is present too. This way, the favored messaging app won’t angry the users whose would like to share new status pictures daily. to urge back the recent status, you would like to install the WhatsApp golem Beta v2.17.95 or later. nevertheless, we expect that this may shortly roll out to the stable build too.

Old WhatsApp Status


How to Access the Old WhatsApp Status In Beta Version ?

First, you would like to tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner and find into the settings. Then, move to ‘About and number.’ Here you may see the sweet old status message established page. Now, write your required status update, and you’re able to go. unlike the Snapchat like status, this may not go away each 24 hours. you’ll even be able to access the old profile page for your contacts within the latest WhatsApp Beta.

Other than this, a few of different changes are coming back to WhatsApp too. initial one is that the voice and video calls can get separate buttons for their individual functionality. moreover, the attachment icon has modified its position from the top of the screen to very cheap, within the kind message box.