Mwc 2017: which flagship phones impressed us the most this year

Mwc 2017: which flagship phones impressed us the most this year

Mobile world congress is that the biggest event for the mobile trade during a year. This year mwc started on 26 feb and can continue until 2 march. Several oems have already showcased their approaching phones and new technologies on the large stage.

Three flagships with the highest of the line specifications were launched throughout the event. G6, p10, and xperia xz premium were the flagships declared by lg, huawei, and sony severally. Every one of them has their strengths and pitfalls. If i actually have to decide on one in all them, then one i might opt for and why?


Before jumping on to the conclusion, allow us to 1st see what every of them has brought new the table, and what they need lost.


Lg g6


After failing to impress customers by experimenting modularity on g5, lg discerned that it has to place itself in user’s shoes before launching ensuing flagship. As a result, the g6 is design to counterpoint user’s expertise. It didn’t shrink back to announce that it’s out of the specs war.


What is new on lg g6

  1. A big screen on alittle body, i.e., 78.6 % screen-to-body ratio.
  2. Introduction of ratio 18:9 on a smartphone.
  3. First phone to support dolby vision hdr.
  4. Second phone once galaxy note 7 to support hdr 10.
  5. An improved camera lens camera.
  6. Wireless charging for a few markets.
  7. Ip68 certified – dust/water proof.


What it missed

  1. Lg stuck to snapdragon 821 rather than going with snapdragon 835.
  2. No ois on wide-angle camera.
  3. Internal storage didn’t get any upgrade.


Huawei p10

Image result for p10


Huawei took the smartphone world by storm once it collaborated with german camera manufacturer leica to supply dual-camera on huawei p9. Now, huawei launched its successor named as huawei p10.


What is new on p10

  1. The primary camera upgraded to 20mp from 13mp ( although the end result is however to be tested).
  2. Introduction of green color.


What it missed

  1. No innovation featured on this device.
  2. Sony xperia xz premium.
  3. Sony has been manufacturing lackluster flagships for 3 years. However this year it finally skint the shackles with xperia xz premium. Sony simply didn’t upgrade the specs sheet however additionally introduced some unbelievable options on this phone. However, the ugly fat bezels were still present.


What is new on xperia xz premium:

  1. Camera which will shoot videos at 960fps in 720p resolution.
  2. First phone with 4k hdr display panel.
  3. Snapdragon 835.
  4. First phone from sony to deal with a 4gb ram.


What it missed

  1. Big bezels with 68 % screen-to-body ratio.
  2. Couldn’t rectify over process of pictures.
  3. No ois on camera.
  4. 3230 mah battery for 4k screen.
  5. P10 are often simply dominated out of the competition, because it doesn’t feature any new technology.


Between lg g6 and xperia xz premium, i’ll associate with lg g6 for the subsequent reasons:

  1. Great designing with a giant screen on alittle body.
  2. We either get wireless charging or quad-dac.
  3. 2k hdr screen is over enough for daily use.
  4. An overall higher camera which will additionally snap landscapes with wide-angle camera.
  5. It will hit the market shortly unlike xperia xz premium.
  6. On the flip facet, if you’re a sony champion, you’ll decide xperia xz premium, because it is by no suggests that a nasty flagship. However, i’m afraid to mention that you simply got to expect four additional months. Also, begin saving some bucks in order that you’ll be able to afford the purportedly super expensive xperia xz premium.