Moto Z 2017 Leaked With Snapdragon 835

Moto Z 2017 Leaked With Snapdragon 835

Seems like Motorola can shortly be connexion the race of high end smartphones. Motorola could shortly introduce the 2017 version of Moto Z, that’s the Moto Z (2017). Moto Z was introduced last year with the innovative modular Moto Mods. but since all the companies were launching their flagships, Motorola is additionally expected to introduce its flagship, the Moto Z (2017) with few upgrades in terms of hardware to stay up with the competitors. Motorola Moto Z (2017) has been conjointly noticed many times.


Moto Z 2017

Recently during a presentation of Moto Mods at MWC 2017, Barcelona, Motorola gave a glimpse of a coming smartphone, the Moto Z (2017). The new Moto Z (2017) was paired with a brand new game-pad Moto Mod. it’s pretty evident from the image that it’s undergone slight changes specially the Fingerprint sensor style. The fingerprint sensor on the previous Moto Z was a sq. formed though the new Moto Z (2017) comes with a way higher looking, oval formed fingerprint sensor.


Moto Z 2017 Key Highlight

Recently, Sprint and Motorola teamed up to point out off the Gigabit LTE service. Here again, the Moto Z (2017) was accustomed showcase Sprint’s Gigabit LTE service. Sprint needed to point out it’s speed on a tool running on Qualcomm snapdragon 835 that has X16 Gigabit category LTE modem. The device wont to showcase the speed was the Moto Z (2017) that clearly indicates that it’ll be running on the very latest snapdragon 835 chip-set.


Moto Z 2017 Specifications

Apart from this it should sport a 5.5-inch QHD display panel, 4GB RAM, and a snapdragon 835 processor after all. it’ll be supporting even additional numbers of Moto Mods as compared to the previous Moto Z. but nothing has been created official by Motorola yet however Sprint has concerning} hinted about Moto Z (2017). though Moto Z (2017) will take to a small degree time to induce launched however lets see what plans Motorola possesses for the longer term.

Sprint conjointly created an official statement that: “Motorola showcased the blazing-fast, high-bandwidth capability of a forthcoming flagship smartphone supported the Qualcomm snapdragon 835 mobile platform with a integrated snapdragon X16 LTE modem, supporting Gigabit category LTE.”