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Instagram New Feature Will Let You See When Users Were Last Active

After WhatsApp and Messenger, Instagram also has a new Show Activity Status feature that will show when a person was last active. Now you can see when an individual last used Instagram from the direct message screen.

This feature isn’t rolled out to everybody yet but is currently being tested with a handful of users. It is a similar to ‘Active at’ on Facebook Messenger and ‘Last Seen’ on WhatsApp. From the direct message screen, users can see the activity status of people they follow or chatted with previously. To change the visibility of active status, users will need to go to Settings through the three-dot menu in the App, and toggle the Show Activity Status feature.

But, users can disable this anytime from the account settings if they don’t want to reveal activity status. However, they won’t be able to see the activity status of others if they disable it; their followers can’t see when they were active last on Instagram. But the people they follow or have sent a direct message will be able to know when the last time they were scrolling through the news feed.

The feature also gets specific enough to display “active now” status if people are using the application at that moment. Since it is in the testing phase, not everybody will be able to have access to the feature yet. But it should be rolled out very soon for both iOS and Android users. Apart from this Facebook-owned Instagram is testing a new ‘Type’ feature that makes ables text-only, written Stories on the mobile App.

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