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Google Assistant Go App Launched on Google Play Store

Google Assistant Go is now officially available on the Google Play Store. This version is compatible for all Android Go smartphones. Android Go is a program that aims to bring Android Oreo to low budget smartphones that have the most basic specifications around 512MB RAM or even less. In India, Google partnered with Micromax and MediaTek to launch Android Go smartphones. Android Go is the internal name for Android Oreo, which has been refined for affordable phones.

Google plans to make Go versions of most of its popular apps. Google Go, Google Maps Go, YouTube Go are all already in the Play Store and the Assistant is the latest to join the list of apps. These apps will be compatible only with smartphones running on Android Go or Android Oreo designed for budget phones. Micromax has already announced Bharat Go that will be an Android Go phone and priced under Rs 2000 when it launches.

The Assistant Go comes with most of its features from the main application. People will be able to rely on Google Assistant to make hands free calls, listen to music, ask for directions, send text messages, preview upcoming events as well.  This version of the App will also offer updates on weather information. However, the option for setting reminders, controlling smart home devices, device actions and actions on Google is not supported by the Google Assistant for Android Go edition.

Google Assistant Go only supports the English language for now. Given that the Android Go version is targeted at markets like India and is supposed to be on phones for under $100, extending language support will be crucial. Google just rolled out Hindi language support for the Assistant on its regular version of the application, so hopefully, it will be extended to the Go version as well.

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