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Google App Latest Beta Gets Edit and Share Screenshot Feature

Google App has got a new built-in feature of edit and share screenshot in its latest beta update. The App, released with version 7.21 on Android, allows users to edit and share screenshot directly from the app, right after taking it. Once updated to the beta version, you can take a screenshot of the App, edit it by cropping or adding details, and share across applications right from a pop-up window. The feature is available in all regions including India. You can expect it to roll out to the stable version of the Google App in the coming weeks.

If you are in the beta version of the Google App, then the new feature can be found by going into Edit and share screenshots in Accounts and Settings of Settings in the Google app. After activated, taking a screenshot will prompt a small preview from the bottom of the screen allowing you to perform certain actions that include cropping, scribbling, doodling, and sharing the picture. Of course, the feature works only within the App, but will work across all parts of the App such as Search, Feed, and even on web pages visited through Chrome Custom Tabs within the app. The feature is said to be available on iOS as well.

The screenshot feature is similar to what Apple launched with the Markup tool in iOS 11. This tool gives a preview of the screenshot for a few seconds; you can click on the preview to edit the image with similar tools, and also share the image with other Apps. Once done, you can delete the screenshot right from the preview, or saved to Photos. The main difference is that the iOS Markup feature works across all Apps.

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