6 Incredible Apps That Will Make You Smarter

6 Incredible Apps That Will Make You Smarter


Nowadays, mobile phones applications are not only a source of entertainment but also a part of technology that has been making inroads into education. These Apps will assist you to analyze your intelligence and grow healthy living habits that will expand your brainpower. Here are some of the brain-boosting Apps that will make you smarter and allow you to gain new experiences and aspects. So, let’s not wait any further and get started!



TED offers over 2000 TED talks which involve sessions about Science, Psychology, and Technology from the remarkable thinkers, leaders, and innovators. With your smartphone, you can browse entire video library in more than 100 languages.



Peak is one of the best mobile Apps to challenge your brain. It helps you to push your cognitive abilities, and even utilize your time better with fun and stimulating games. It lets you select the areas you would like to focus on and then presents you with daily puzzles, games, and challenges to improve your analytical skills.



Eidetic is another brain-training App that uses a technique known as spaced retention which strengthens your brainpower and assists you memorize interesting facts, words and also phone numbers instantly. This application is available for free in Google Play and App Store.



With Kindle, you can read newspapers, e-books, magazines and other forms of digital media. Reading can play an essential role in enhancing the creativity and improving emotional intelligence in students.


Today in History

Today in History is one of the best applications for History lovers. With the help of this mind-blowing app, you can easily gain key facts about global iconic events and fun facets from different centuries. Get all the essential incidents of the day, important dates, events, and much more.



Longform’s only mission is to deliver the best in-depth journalism from all across the world. This App includes journalism narratives, feature stories, articles, magazine, etc., and with reading you can keep your brain sharp, enhance vocabulary and boost memory power.

These are the few applications that you can try to make yourself smarter, improve your brainpower and enhance your emotional intelligence. It is remarkable how mobile application can transform education into something more engaging than you could ever imagine.