5 Tips to Handle Negative Trolls on Social Media Platforms

5 Tips to Handle Negative Trolls on Social Media Platforms



Life on social media can be really hard as there may be plenty of individuals with whom your thoughts clash. You share your pictures and experiences, and no matter how real and beautiful they are, some people criticize them, some even troll you, and this eventually becomes a reason for a disturbed mind. The social life of individuals, both physical and virtual, greatly influences their personal life. These influences can also have an adverse impact if they are not resolved as soon as possible.

These are a few ways that will help you stay least stressful while being active on social media. So without a further delay, let’s get started!



Be empathetic

If you have the right to share things on the social media that seem pleasing to you, then the other party also enjoys similar privileges and is free to share his/her views on the same. Do not bombard them with hateful messages or vent your anger on them, instead try being in their shoes and understand what is pissing them off. You’ll find the answer, and eventually, you will be capable of replying sensitively.



Do not continue the argument

You can easily end the ongoing rage if you act smartly, but if answering the one who has started the argument is more important for you, then ending any conflicting situation will be an impossible task. Always remember social media is not a platform to fight, and thus it is futile to get involved in any argument.



Make them feel heard

Your action is of utmost importance in ending the negativity. If you make the person arguing feel heard and acknowledge what they are saying, then they will not comment or poke any further. This will end the argument in a jiffy.



Provide the facts

Most of the conflicts arise because there is some error in facets or the figures. If you think you’re right, then just provide the accurate one, and the entire argument will end at the drop of a hat. However, double-check your facts as providing the wrong ones will further give rise to a conflict.



Be a support

In case the arguments are on your friend’s post, and you are feeling outraged, you can always shut the haters by posting a positive and supportive comment for your friend. This way, you’ll not be a part of the argument and yet be a helping hand to your buddy.


These were a few tips with which you can avoid the negative impacts of social media and ensure that the feeds and posts on them do not mess with your sanity.

Dealing with negativity can be extremely exhaustive but remember no matter how hurting a comment is, you should not let these issues affect your daily life. Always try to concentrate on the positive side and the negativity will surely fade away.