5 Amazing Facts About Internet That Everyone Should Know


5 Amazing Facts About Internet That Everyone Should Know

Internet has grown to become a significant part of everyone’s lifestyle.  It is impossible to imagine our life without internet. From communicating to searching, we use it for practically everything and have become dependent on it. The astounding thing to note is that even after exposing themselves to the Internet for many hours every day, there are a few interesting facts that individuals don’t know about the digital world. Read this blog to know five amazing facts about Internet that will completely amaze you. So, let’s get started!

Half of the world is online right now

Out of 7.2 billion people in the world, 3.4 billion are always online. That means roughly half of the Earth population is using the internet right now.

250 Billion Emails are sent every day

With thousands of platforms to share messages and other details, people would think that a conventional method like e-mail would have become obsolete. But, surprisingly, approximately 250 billion e-mails are exchanged on the Internet daily.

Internet and WWW

For many of us, World Wide Web is the synonym of the Internet but both of them are completely different. ‘WWW’ is a bridge that connects computer networks and the pool of these networks is known as ‘Internet’.

‘Browsing’ and ‘Surfing’ are different

You might think that surfing on the net means browsing the web but, both of them are exactly opposite. Surfing refers to the task of searching through engines whereas Browsing is hovering from one website to the other. A clinical term coined by a librarian from New York.

Internet is a disease

Around 20 percent of the Internet users have become addicted to it. There are many countries who have declared Internet addiction as a major health threat.

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